Professor Peter Whorwell

Mrs Pamela Cruickshanks

Pamela Cruickshanks began working with Professor Peter Whorwell in the Hypnotherapy Research Unit in 1995. The Unit specialises in working with patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders using the specialist "Gut Focused Hypnotherapy" technique researched and devised by Professor Whorwell.

Pamela is the Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist and manages the day to day running of the Hypnotherapy Research Unit.   As well as treating patients she is also responsible for training and supervision. The Unit welcomes visitors from the medical and psychological professions from the UK and all over the world and Pamela organises these and training programmes. Along with Professor Whorwell she is also involved with any media interest.

Before training as a Hypnotherapist, Pamela trained as a social worker at Manchester University and worked in both the local authority social services and in the independent professional sector. She was also on the Manchester Panel of Guardian ad Litem and Reporting Officers at its inception, where she was on the steering committee for training. She also undertook the supervision of Social Work students from a number of Universities.

Pamela has experience in working with all client groups and all ages. She specialised in working for many years with children and families and then went on to specialise in working with both children and adults who had serious or terminal illness, disabilities and bereavement. It was out of this work that Pamela's interest in hypnotherapy began.

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