About us

The South Manchester Functional Bowel Service is a Unit devoted to providing a complete care package to patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and related conditions. In addition we have a wide ranging research programme which aims to improve our understanding of these illnesses as well as trying to develop new and more effective treatments.

The Unit is divided into three sections.

The IBS Clinic
Patients are referred to the clinic by their GPs or other consultants from all over the United Kingdom. They are initially assessed to see if they need any tests and then commenced on a range of treatments starting with simple measures and gradually proceeding to more complex approaches. Patients are followed up and are also given a "helpline" number they can ring at any time. For further information on clinic referrals click here.

The Laboratory Service
The laboratory undertakes a range of special tests which are sometimes necessary in IBS and similar conditions. These tests assess the "workings" of the gut and can also be very helpful in our research programme. The Unit has produced a large number of research papers and many of these can be accessed by clicking here.

The Hypnotherapy Unit
Many years ago we showed that hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful in the treatment of IBS. Consequently we provide this form of treatment to patients with IBS who fail to respond to other forms of treatment but because this is a unique service we do have rather a long waiting list. We also use hypnotherapy to treat other functional gastrointestinal disorders. For further information on hypnotherapy referrals click here.