February 2014

The following articles have appeared in the popular press recently:

Full stream ahead! How hypnotherapy is helping patients beat IBS - Daily Mail

Seven reasons you might have tummy troubles - Daily Telegraph

IBS uncovered - Healthy Magazine

June 2012

The following articles have appeared in the popular press recently:

Obesity. Bloating. Bowel problems. Headaches. It's blamed for everything these days - so should you stop eating bread? - Daily Mail

Probiotics & Quality of Life (pdf)

Heal thyself: Self-hypnosis - New Scientist

Chewing gum, reheating pasta... The surprising reasons why our stomachs swell up suddenly - Daily Mail

IBS: Hypnosis an effective treatment -

January 2011

We have recently published two papers looking into the response of people to various colours and how this might relate to response to hypnotherapy. You can view these articles here and here


We have also added a link to a paper on probiotics written by Professor Whorwell.

November 2009
Our research on the problems of insoluble fibre in IBS has recently been featured in the Daily Mail and has provoked some online discussion on their website.


You can view the article here.

October 2009
We have recently been using a medical artist to help understand IBS and this work has led to two recent publications: 1 2

September 2008
There is increasing interest in the use of complementary therapies in all areas of medicine and IBS is no exception. A recent paper from the USA has examined the use of complementary approaches in a thousand patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders, including IBS, and found that about a third of patients have tried them.